The Hatfield JCR is the collective term given to the body of undergraduates in Hatfield. The JCR is the social hub of Hatfield College and as a Hatfield undergraduate, you automatically become a member. From organising seats at formal dinners, to funding for College societies and sports teams, providing peer welfare support, maintaining the gyms, paying for the TVs in College and organising the biggest annual events, the JCR tries to ensure that Hatfielders have the best student experience possible. 

All Durham Colleges have JCRs and in Hatfield the JCR is run by an elected set of ten students, the “Exec”. It is the role of the JCR Exec to represent the opinions through their seats on College, University and Students' Union committee meetings, as well as regular meetings with the College Officers. Whilst the job of the Exec is to lead the JCR, the priority is to represent. The JCR is run democratically under its standing orders, and usuallly meets twice per term in the bar to receive reports from officers, vote on motions and socialise as a group. The JCR thrives by as many people as possible getting involved.