Supporting Hatfielders Academic Progress, Employment and Development

SHAPED (Supporting Hatfielders' Academic Progress, Employability and Development) is a personal development programme run by students, for students and supported by the college. This programme is unique to Hatfield.
It involves a wide range of talks, discussions and networking opportunities covering academia, extra-curricular, student-life and employability.
There is information available on the SHAPED Website and the SHAPED Facebook page.
You can also access information on SHAPED through DUO, by clicking on 'Hatfield SHAPED Programme' under 'My College' from your DUO homepage.

SHAPED Executive Committee 2019/20

Will be appointed in Easter Term.

The SHAPED Exec are welcome to any questions or queries. You can get in touch at

SHAPED Junior Reps

You may apply to become a SHAPED Junior Rep for 2018/19 if you want to help promote SHAPED events and develop the SHAPED programme. The SHAPED executive team is looking for junior reps who are interested in personal development and who are committed to expanding our program throughout college. SHAPED junior reps will assist a member of its executive team and help shape their program on a rotational basis (ie: one month with careers rep, another with development rep).