Every year the university welcomes a whole host of new Freshers and Hatfield always makes sure to give them an excellent welcome! We also hold our Post-Offer Visit Days (known more colloquially as POVD) to give offer holders a chance to have an insight into Hatfield life over a few days at the start of the Easter holidays. Make sure to come along and experience Hatfield and Durham before you come in October! 

See the blog post below from the Senior POVD Reps for 2018, Alex and Kelly, about their thoughts and experiences from last year:

"We were the Senior Post-Offer Visit Day (POVD) reps this year which was a great experience as well as a steep learning curve. Neither one of us had been to POVD when we had our offers so we weren’t sure what it was meant to be like; in hindsight this was a good thing because it meant we could approach it from a different perspective and start with a clean slate. Although stressful at times, we enjoyed organising POVD greatly and we learnt a lot of transferrable skills (great for the CV).

We got a lot of positive feedback from the pre-freshers and it seems that POVD is an event that convinces people to come to Hatfield. It is so important to experience what university is like as it is, for most, very different to school. POVD was really enjoyable and although we were exhausted at the time, we all managed to have fun. We feel proud with what we achieved and we hope that we made a difference and helped some people to make a decision about their future." - Alex and Kelly

We look forward to welcoming you either at a POVD soon or during Freshers week!