Bar & Café

Bar and cafe hours to be published.

Pace Kitchen

This communal kitchen is available at all hours.

Tea and toast is run from 00:00 to 02:00, on Formal nights, offering free hot drinks and snacks as well as to catch up with others in College.


In order to use the gym, you will need to be inducted on the equipment and the gym’s code of conduct. Please contact the Gym Officers or the Facilities Officer to arrange an induction session.

Gym hours to be published.

TV Room

The TV room is available at all hours.

The TV room also is host to a table football table.

Computer Room

The computer room is available at all hours.


The library is available at all hours.

Reading Rooms

Reading rooms are available at all hours, and are adjacent to the library.

Art Room

The art room, located under A stairs, is available from 8.30AM to 9PM.

You will need to hand in your campus card to get a key from the Porter's Lodge.

Music Room

Practising Music in College

Members of College are welcome to use practice-spaces in College to practise music, to dance, for rehearsals, or for similar uses.

College practice-space is available 8.00am–10.00pm.

Please respect others when using College practice-space or when practising in your own room.

College practice-spaces include the Birley Room (with piano), the Music Practice Room (basement of E Stairs), and the Chapel (with piano).

Pianists may also book the Grand Piano in the dining room at the discretion of the College.

To book a practice space, email hatfield.reception@durham.ac.uk.

Conditions of the use of the music practice room
  1. The Music Practice Room (MPR) is only to be used for music activities.
  2. The MPR should only be used during the permitted hours (8am to 10pm).
  3. The MPR may only be booked by a Hatfielder who will be using the MPR. Individual users of the MPR should only be from Hatfield College; there must be at least one Hatfielder present in music groups.
  4. Hatfielders should not lend their campus card to students from another college to book or use the MPR.
  5. Users should sign up to use the MPR, by writing their full names on the sign-up sheet displayed in the Hatfield College Porter's Lodge. If a user has booked the MPR, the user must use the MPR for the time reserved. College members may use the MPR without booking until the person who has booked use of the MPR has appeared.
  6. The MPR must not be booked for more than 5 hours by the same person in one week. Exceptions, such as recital preparations or an extra rehearsal needed, can be agreed by a College Officer, Hatfield Facilities, hatfield.jcrfacilities@durham.ac.uk,or the Creative Rep.
  7. Users must exchange their campus card for the key to the MPR at the Porters Lodge, and then collect their campus cards on departure. Keys must be handed back into the Porters Lodge and not handed over to the next user.
  8. Users who wish to use their own electrical equipment in the MPR must demonstrate that the equipment is safe to use; the equipment should have a Portable Appliance Test Certificate. (Enquire with the Operations Manager if the equipment does not have such a certificate.) The user will be personally liable for any loss or damage incurred by the use of faulty equipment brought into the MPR.
  9. Eating and drinking (except water) are not permitted in the MPR. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in College.
  10. Users must not remove or borrow any music equipment from the MPR without permission. In certain circumstances, equipment may be borrowed for events, such as tours. However, interested parties should first email the Facilities Officer hatfield.jcrfacilities@durham.ac.ukor the Creative Rep
    1. The Kinky Jeff President should be contacted if the equipment belongs to the band.
  11. Users must not attempt to tamper with, destroy or damage any of the equipment or facilities in the MPR.
  12. At the end of the booking, users must leave the MPR tidy and remove belongings (including any equipment or instruments, scores or other papers) brought into the MPR.
  13. At the end of each booking, by signing and returning the key, users are certifying that the MPR has been left in a satisfactory condition and that there has been no damage or any equipment removed. The MPR should be left in the same condition that it was at the start of the booking.
  14. If users find the MPR to be untidy or any evidence of damage, they must report this to the Porters Lodge at the start of their session.
  15. Users are asked to report any damages or faults in the MPR to the porters
  16. Users are asked to report any technical problems to the Hatfield JCR Facilities Officer.