Hatfield JCR Alumni

The Hatfield Association

The importance of a sense of belonging is at the heart of the famous Hatfield spirit. Once a Hatfielder, always a Hatfielder.
The Hatfield Association is the main group that maintains relations with alumni, and keeps them updated through a programme of alumni events as well as the annual publication, the Hatfield Record.
You can find out some more information about the Association on the Hatfield Association website and the Hatfield Trust page.

Hatfield Business Lions

Do you remember how it felt trying to find a job after you graduated? Many current students struggle to find work experience placements, or even get access to sound advice that might help them along their way.
The Hatfield Business Lions is a scheme whereby alumni give some basic information about their field of work since graduating, and a contact email address. Current Hatfielders can then search all the Business Lions, and contact those who have experience in the fields they are interested in.
This is an invaluable resource for current students, and we thank those who can help.
If you would be interested in becoming a Business Lion and offering your advice to current Hatfield students, please see the Hatfield Lions page on the college website for more information. Any details given are secure and can only be accessed by current Hatfield students.


Through the year there are many reunion events to which alumni are invited and welcomed. This might be part of individual clubs or societies, or through the Hatfield Association.
Please stay tuned here for details of upcoming alumni events. You can find out about Reunions & Events on the college website, once you have joined the Hatfield Association, by registering for the Hatfield Association website.