Heraldry of Hatfield College

This is a project to find and create optimized SVG versions of relevant coats of arms, crests, and logos.

The premise is that they are useful to have, and when the project was started there was not an easy way to find all of these in one location.

General notes:
  • The third iterationof the crest is very uncommon, and as such we do not have a version here.
  • The clubs and societies of the Junior Common Room have created numerous offshoots of the crests, these are not yet collected here.

Hatfield CrestInteresting notes:
  • The crest with full heraldry, as seen on the homepage is an iteration of the Second Crest.This is one of the most commonly seen, particularly the variation of the lions on it (there exist many types of lion, and it is often the most notable difference between crest variations). This lion is also seen on some variations of the Coat of arms of Lyon. This is the lion we use on this website as the letterhead/figurehead.
  • The full heraldry crest is sometimes seen in the (more modern?) lighter shade of blue.
  • The crest features a panache of five ostrich feathers ermine charged with a chevron sable out of an ancient crown.
  • There exists some variety in the ermine bordure seen in published versions. Some being taller and thinner than others, we have here the more common thicker version.

Alterations: This was adapted from the crest on wikipedia for Hatfield College. The position of some of the detail in the crown has been tweaked to make it more mathematically correct. Optimization of this image took it from a bloated 1.2MB to 54kB.

Hatfield Crest ModernInteresting notes:
  • The modern, fourth iteration of the crest, from 2005, should sport the scrolled motto Vel Primus Vel Cum Primis in all caps. The version we have here does not feature that as we have yet been unable to locate a vector image featuring it. We may look into making a reproduction. If you aware of one please get in touch.
  • This crest introduced a new shade of blue for the college.

Alterations: This SVG was created by vectorizing a PNG. The reason the same process cannot be performed for the crest with motto easily is that font characters do not vectorize well. This image is optimized to 26kB.

Hatfield LionInteresting notes:
  • As mentioned this is the most common Lion found across all crests.
  • We use it as a modern letterhead/figurehead for the website.

Alterations: This was, interestingly, vectorized from a variation of the Coat of Arms of Lyon, which sported an identical lion. It has been optimized to 19kB.

Lion in Winter BallInteresting notes:
  • We have been able to trace the Lion in Winter Ball logo back to 2015 as its first occurrence, for the 2016 LiWB.
  • It is adapted each year to fit the theme, generally through coloring or textures. In 2020 Peter Pan themed decorations were added.

Alterations: This SVG has been passed down through the Lion in Winter Ball Exec teams. It has been optimized to 5kB.

Durham University LogoDurham University Seal

Interesting notes: The above are the Logo of Durham University and the Seal of the Colleges of Durham University.

Alterations: These have simply been optimized to 17kB for the logo and 128kB for the seal.

This project was started by Ben Spinks.