Service Price £ Benefits
JCR Common Room Membership 240.00 (including 20% VAT)

Hatfield College invites all undergraduate students to become members of the Junior Common Room (JCR). Membership is by a one-off levy charged on the first term's bill. The levy is for the following services:

  • voting rights at Common Room meetings and elections (non-members cannot vote);
  • eligibility to run for Common Room positions (both Executive and Non-Executive positions) (non-members cannot nominate others or be nominated for Common Room positions);
  • priority access to tickets for events organized by the Common Room (non-members cannot access early-bird deals and may be required to pay a premium on the members' price);
  • pay members' prices for other events, e.g. Balls, City Trips and Nights Out (non-members pay a premium);
  • access student discounts organized by the Common Room (non-members cannot access such discounts);
  • use of the JCR Television Room.
  • ability to join clubs and societies
  • use of the college gyms
Highly Recommended for Purchase
Gown 53.00

If a student chooses not to buy a gown and the College (or Common Room, in the name of the College) organizes a 'gowned' event, the Common Room has a small stock of gowns which can be hired out for that event, at £5 per occasion, together with surrender of the student's campus card for the duration of the occasion.

The College's Induction (Freshers') Week Fee 19.00

The College's Induction Week charge contributes to the cost of running events for Hatfield students that are organised by the JCR during the University's Induction Week. Students are strongly encouraged (but not obliged) to participate in JCR activities organised during the College's Freshers' Week. Students not opting in for the Induction Week charge will not be able to participate in any JCR-organised activities but may still attend any College-led activities and talks.

Other Hatfield Recommended Memberships
Hatfield Association charge 25.00

All new students are warmly invited to become ‘associate’ members of the Hatfield Association, the College Alumni Association.

The Hatfield Association’s aim is to ensure we have a strong, active and engaged network of Hatfield alumni (graduates), to facilitate and build strong relationships with the College and to support its educational and welfare aims.

To this end the Hatfield Association plays an active role in:

  • organising annual reunions;
  • helping to connect members through regular updates and publications;
  • offering career advice for students through a partnership with SHAPED;
  • supporting the outreach programme for schools; and
  • playing an active role in all three common rooms supporting College development.

Whilst an undergraduate, the benefits include receipt of Association information (such as The Hatfield Record, the annual publication) and on graduation your ‘associate’ membership automatically, and without further payment, becomes full membership of the Hatfield Association. Those who opt out as undergraduates can pay for full membership on graduation which would be charged at a premium rate relative to ‘early bird’ joiners.

Hatfield Trust donation 10.00

The Hatfield Trust makes grants, scholarships, and payments, and awards prizes to students. Those who do not pay the Hatfield Trust donation remain eligible for payments from the Trust.

College Library and College Computing Room 36.00

These facilities are aimed at supporting undergraduate learning. Students are strongly encouraged (but not obliged) to pay the levy to support these facilities. Those who do not pay the levy for the College Library and the College Computing Room remain eligible to use these facilities, though without continuing student support the College may be unable to sustain these facilities.