Living-in is an integral part of the first-year experience at Hatfield. Most of the college's accommodation is provided on the main college site on the North Bailey, organised by staircase (A-M Stairs, Kitchen Stairs, Gatehouse, Rectory and Bailey House). More students are housed in single rooms in Palmers Garth, which is directly across from the Students' Union building just over the Kingsgate Bridge from Bow Lane, which is adjacent to Hatfield.

All first-year students are guaranteed accommodation. Hatfield is lucky to occupy a picturesque site on the Bailey next to a World Heritage Site, but this does mean that space is at a premium. Therefore, some (but not all) students live in shared rooms in their first year as the number of single rooms is limited. While it may sound scary at first, it's almost certain to work out well. Most people find the experience helps them ease into life at university as you instantly have somebody to go to meals with and chat to once you arrive. The ‘Accommodation Selection Form’ that students receive before arriving in Durham is used to find the most suitable living arrangements in college. You can’t choose which block to live in; the college allocates a room for you. You’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire about your preferences and habits (What are your tastes in music? Are you a night owl or an early riser? etc.) so you’re paired with a suitable roommate. Rest assured that the college will take full account of the information you provide to them in the room allocation process. If you have any concerns about room sharing once you get to Durham, please feel free to contact the Welfare or Assistant Welfare Officer or the Senior Tutor.

Alongside the Freshers, Hatfield has a strong tradition of finalists returning to college to live-in in third (or fourth) year. Routine meals and close access to the college's facilities can certainly be an advantage when you're working on your dissertation! Groups of students often choose to live in together, and are given priority room selection in Easter term.

One of our accommodation blocks, Pace, was renovated in 2015 and now has single and shared rooms with en-suite bathroom facilities, as well as a new kitchen, two gyms, a TV room and music room. The Jevons block completed its renovations in time for the 2018/19 academic year and this year's Freshers have been experiencing life in the new single en-suite rooms. With these new rooms there are also new laundry facilities and an all new bar and café.

There are two separate let options available to students living in college:
- Standard Let includes occupation from move-in until the last day of the year, including all term-time meals, access to kitchen facilities during the holidays and IT connection.
- Short Let is for A and B Stairs only and requires students to clear their rooms prior to leaving for the Easter holiday (as these spaces are used to accommodate visitors to college, including pre-fresh on the Post Offer Visit Days). While it cannot be guaranteed, college is generally able to offer a few nights at the beginning and end of the holidays for £22.00 each night. Like Standard Let, Short Let includes term-time meals and IT connection.