Living in is a cornerstone of your first year in Durham all first year students, across the university, are guaranteed first-year accommodation in their college. In addition, a number of finalists choose to live in college in their third or fourth year, and various memb ers of the Executive Committee are required by the standing orders to live in for their time in office. Information about accommodation options can be found here.
Some of the advantages to living in are obvious-easy access to all of the college's facilities and regular meals in a fully catered college are a major plus. Hatfielders also benefit from the college's central location on the historic North Bailey-if you can forgive the bells on a Sunday morning, the views of the cathedral from nearly every staircase are pretty impressive. Hatfield is just a short walk away from your classes, Durham's many cafés, pubs and clubs, and the market square (including the all-important Tesco Metro). It's enough to make all your friends up the Hill jealous, so enjoy it while you're here-it'd be rude not to!