Try Something New!

Ciara McEvoy, 2nd Year Maths

(almost 3 years ago)

It may sound cheesy, but when you arrive at Hatfield you’ll find that there is a society for everyone. No matter what you enjoy, you will be spoilt for choice and you’ll often find the opportunity to try so many new things that you’ve never even heard of.

Durham differs from many other universities in the way that it offers you societies within your college as well as at university level. This means that whatever your ability (from total beginner to pro) there will be an opening for you to get involved. This year, I joined the football team in college after never having hit a football before and had the best time playing alongside others like me as well as those skilled enough to be representing the university. It was a great way to meet new people and have a laugh!

In college, we have incredible music groups such as Hatfield Voices; a range of sporting teams; many charity groups and much more. Be sure to visit the fair and ask the reps what they got involved in to help you to find something to suit you. As well as having a great time doing what you enjoy, the societies also offer a great opportunity to make new friends and to get to know people in different years to you. It’ll be amazing!

Alongside these societies, Hatfield students are lucky enough to have access to the SHAPED programme. SHAPED stands for ‘Supporting Hatfielders’ Academic Progress, Employability and Development’ and it offers endless opportunities to improve your CV and prepare for life after university. The programme holds many talks that are held by current students, university academics or external speakers and business people who can share their experience and advice to help to support you as you decide what field you may be interested in venturing into and how you can get relevant experience. As well as these talks, it offers tremendous links to Hatfield Alumni who have gone through the college and are now out in employment and are often happy to share their wisdom to help current students however they can. As you join college, you can apply to become a representative for this programme and try to help in coordinating the events held. This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in college life and get experience of working with others and building connections beyond Durham.

Make sure that you make the most of these opportunities when you join us. There is so much on offer and all you have to do is grab the chances that you have. And remember, don’t let your degree get in the way of your education.

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