Sharing a Room

Ciara McEvoy, 2nd Year Maths

(almost 3 years ago)

It can be a daunting idea to be sharing a room at university, but, as someone who has done it – it can be really great fun!

As I arrived in college knowing no one at all, it was great to immediately have a pal with whom I could go to meals and other events throughout the week. Then, going into the rest of the year, it was amazing to always have someone there to share your experiences with and speak to after a busy day of lectures and classes. Not all roommates will be best friends, but many share a special friendship and will always look out for each other. In many cases, people sharing the same room get involved with different friendship groups and this really helps to further broaden the range of people that you get to know when you arrive at university.

I’d also say that it’s a lot easier than you’d expect to share a bedroom with someone else. You quickly get to know each other and how to live around each other and have usually been matched after filling out questionnaires for college so you will often have similar sleeping patterns and share some interests. And always remember that, if it doesn’t quite work out, college will try their best to solve this if in any way possible.

From my experience, my roommate was a fab friend and a great person to share my chocolate with (as long as she shared hers too!).

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