Junior Ents

Amelia de Normann, 2nd Year English

(almost 3 years ago)

Some of the best parts of university life are all the sports, clubs, and societies that you have the chance to join, and with the college system you have even more opportunities. This year, I applied on a whim to be a Junior Ents Representative, and it turned out to be one of the highlights of my year. Applications opened in late October, and having spoken to one of my friends in second year who had already been offered the role of Senior Ents Rep and promised it would be good banter, I submitted my manifesto and was lucky enough to be given the role. In Hatfield, the way it works is that you have the Social Secretary (who is a member of the exec), and they have a team of Senior and Junior Ents who work with them to help to organise the social calendar and events of Hatfield. One of my favourite parts of the role was the variety of it all, and should you choose to apply, you will find yourself doing everything from spending weeks planning bigger events such as the annual Michaelmas Ball, to spending your time decorating the bar for smaller events or themed formals, such as Halloween and Halfway Hall (the event that celebrates people being halfway through their degrees). Not only is it a really great opportunity to meet people both inside and outside your year group, but you get a lot of experience with management, working with a budget, negotiation with outside companies, and of course, event organisation which (aside from being great fun) looks great on a CV. The shopping trips to find decorations that fit the budget but look amazing are always a good laugh, you become pretty savvy with scouting out the best deals on Amazon, and spending hours on Google looking for theme ideas and various forms of entertainment is a great method of the inevitable procrastination that comes with your degree. On top of all that, it's a really good feeling to walk into a room you decorated, to attend an event you helped plan, and seeing everyone having a sick time. In terms of what experience is needed to apply for this role, I would say it's good to have all the classic personal statement skills of good teamwork, organisation, and time management, and be ready to contribute to the ents team both in meetings and in the physical set-up of events. Of course any experience in events is very well received as well, but don't worry if you haven't had too much of that because no one expects you to arrive at Hatfield with a degree in Business and Events, and so long as you're prepared to learn and work well with the other Ents Reps, you will have an amazing time.

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