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The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (the Exec) are members of the JCR who are elected to run the various affairs of the JCR led by the Senior Man. They act on your suggestions to make Hatfield the best it can possibly be for each member of the JCR as well as being the main link between the members of the JCR and College Officers.

Senior Man

Maria Neary

Maria is our Senior Man. This means she is responsible for liaising with College Officers, Presidents from other colleges and the JCR to ensure that college life is running smoothly and the JCR are getting a fair deal. Her favorite things are the DSU, pouting and the vegetarian option. She can often be found taking selfies on her 2 minute walk to the Science site. If not, you can find Maria looking up the next bad joke for formal. This year she is really looking forward to making sure college stays as great as it always has been while taking full advantage of having a flat in M stairs. 

V-P Discipline

Alex Broad

Alex Broad will be your V-P Discipline for the upcoming year! Her role is to uphold the rules and regulations of College and to ensure everything is running smoothly on the College site. Discipline involves making sure that behaviour is suitable at Formals, and she achieves this by sconcing (fining) where necessary. Alex’s role is also to represent any member of the JCR who is unfortunate enough to find themselves in a disciplinary hearing, by ensuring that the outcome is both firm but fair. She is also responsible for the bar and the gym, including events, improvements and suggestions for these areas.

Alex wouldn't have imagined her main interests at College being rugby, 'Kinky Jeff' and hitting a stick into the floor of the bar but with a bit of facepaint, Alex is up for anything. Her roles as VP Dis and Kepper of the Cane ensures that she is a regular feature in the bar so make sure you swing by and put her musicial talents to the test


V-P Welfare

Rachael Boyce

Always representing with a 'W' at hand, Rachael is your VP Welfare. In her capacity as VP Welfare, Rachael is responsible for all your welfare needs. Welfare in Hatfield, is there to strengthen, signpost and support you to “ensure that each member of our unique community can be the very best it can be” (Maclennan, K 2013) #cheese. Along with the other Exec Welfare Officer Stefan and her invaluable Team Welfare (Welfs to you and me), Rachael is on hand to provide some useful provisions within College such as lube and earplugs (not necessarily together!). She, Stefan, and her Senior Welfare Reps each hold weekly drop-in hours so make sure you swing by for tea, coffee or the perennial favourite, the custard cream (or all three!), as they are lovely and all on hand to offer a listening ear. Rachael is one of the loveliest, nicest people in college so make sure you pop-in and say hi! She’s really looking forward to meeting the freshers in October and she’ll always be round for a chat if you need it!






Jamie Durham

Durham by name, Durham by nature. As this year's Treasurer, Jamie is responsible for all the JCR accounts. From clubs and societies to tea and toast, he makes sure the JCR uses its resources in the right areas and keeps within budget. 
Jamie can often be found on the sessions table or throwing shapes in his frep stash. If you have any questions about how the JCR spends its money, need funding to start a new society or just fancy a chat about the hot economic topic of the day, he's your man.



Will Dunne

If there is one thing that is more valuable than gold to a Hatfielder it his or her college stash (clothing), which a large proportion of the student loan goes towards and as Secretary, Will is the guardian of this treasure. He organises the stash order and distribution, ensuring that you fill your wardrobes with everything Hatfield branded, from customised hoodies to the world-renowned Hatfield branded flip-flops and mugs.

Will also has the task of telling you everything you need to know about everything that matters in Hatfield in his infamous weekly emails. The ‘Mark Zuckerberg of Hatfield’ (Satterthwaite, L 2013), he also has the pleasure of updating the website so you always know what’s going on in Hatfield! Rather less glamorously he has the thankless task of dealing with the mountain of administration from minuting (eyebrows) the legendary JCR Meetings to organising Hatfield’s ultimate dining experience (no, not the Post-Klute Subway!), the ever-popular Formal Dinners!

Whether attempting to Spoon Mambo No. 5 or singing College Songs pitch perfect, this Londoner loves all things Hatfield- related. When not on the rugby pitch or cleaning up at FIFA (misspent youth), Will can be found in the bar (or the reading room - summative season dependent).

If you have any queries about Hatfield or want to advertise your event in the email just drop Will a line and he’ll be happy to help!


JCR Welfare

Stefan Avanessian

Stefan is this year’s JCR Welfare Officer. Stefan’s role involves leading the student welfare team alongside Rachael Boyce (VP Welfare), providing a  non-judgmental listening ear and generally supporting the rest of the Exec to make sure Hatfielders have the best possible experience of college life. Together with Rachael, Stefan is the main student point of contact for anyone experiencing any problems whether at uni or home, or if you just fancy a cup of tea and a chat!  Along with the rest of the welfare team, Stefan’s there to ensure your time at Hatfield goes as smoothly as possible.  Look out for termly welfare campaigns too which are always great fun to get involved in. No problem is too big or too small, so feel free to come along and see Stefan at his weekly drop-in hours on Monday evenings, drop him an email or come and find him for a chat. He’s always happy to talk and has even been to known to host drop-in hours all over Durham. When not running around College, Stefan can usually be found playing music, organising Ents or on the walk to the science site.

Social Secretary

Sophie Lorenz

Sophie is Hatfield’s Social Secretary. Her job, with the help of her Ents’ team, is to make sure Hatfielders have a busy social calendar to help them wind down after a long day of work, whether it’s through casual and enjoyable open mic nights in the bar, or huge all-college events like the Michaelmas Ball and Hatfield Day.

Sophie studies Combined Honours, allowing her to dabble in different humanities; the same can be said about her extracurricular endeavours. You’ll see her in fancy dress, playing for HCWAFC or waiting for a bus to lectures. This is no superhuman feat – funnily enough, she doesn’t get many contact hours for her degree.


Even if you haven’t talked to her yet, you’ll most definitely have seen Sophie running around college for one reason or another. She prides herself on her approachability and sense of humour, and will always have time for others – although at times, she admits she’ll overwhelm them by talking a bit too much.


Senior DSU Rep

Daniel Cain-Reed

Dan is Hatfield's Senior DSU Rep and a first year member of the exec, originating from York. His role is to represent the views of all Hatfield students to the Student Union and keep you all up to date with the goings on in Dunelm House. There's never been such an exciting time to get involved with the DSU so come to Dan if you want to find out more, make a suggestion, or have a rant - it really is your Union. When not raving about politics and all things election, Dan can be found throwing some serious shapes on the Klute dancefloor. 

Livers’-Out Rep

Aimee Myhre

Aimee is a second year undergraduate studying Law. She is a determined member of HCWAFC. However it is more likely you’ll see her on a social rather on the pitch! Aimee is a massive fan of the family system and when not putting on dinners, can be found covered in fancy dress.

If you have any concerns regarding living out, Aimee is your port of call.


Patrick Fincham

Patrick Fincham is this year’s Chair of the JCR. HHe chairs all meetings of the JCR and the Exec, and bears the responsibility of telling other exec members to pipe down, whilst remaining impartial in any decision. He also organises elections and collects manifestos, so for any election-rigging and special-treatment, he is the one to bribe. Hard currency and foodstuffs preferred.

He looks forward to meeting you all in the coming year (particularly those he met on open days) and is happy to answer any questions about the JCR and college.

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