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The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (the Exec) are members of the JCR who are elected to run the various affairs of the JCR led by the Senior Man. They act on your suggestions to make Hatfield the best it can possibly be for each member of the JCR as well as being the main link between the members of the JCR and College Officers.

Senior Man

Maria Neary

Maria is our third successive female Senior Man and is responsible for presiding over the JCR. Her job regularly entails more than 30 hours a week of work including meetings with everyone from top university management to individual members of the JCR in an effort to improve the university experience. 

Her ginger hair and short stature have given her a fighting spirit, allowing her to fight for what is best for the JCR while being a strong leader that can assert her authority both inside and outside the exec room, as many on the hill can verify. 

Following her attendance at the North Bristil Post 16 Centre and St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple School in Bristol, where she still resides when she isn't in Durham, Maria is now studying PPE which gives her a well rounded view of the world which she can apply to her role.

While not a massive fan of playing sport, she does enjoy watching it, the athletes in particular. Maria also enjoys brunch (particularly sausages), coming in every week as a liver out and now more regularly as she lives in.

Maria looks forward to meeting all of the new freshers and working to make Hatfield even better over the course of the next year.

V-P Discipline

Alex Broad

Alex is this year's VP Discipline. Her role is a varied one and you will not only see her sconcing any unsuitable behaviour at formal but also organising the gym and tech supplies. If you are unfortunate enough to merit a college disciplinary hearing, she will be present to ensure the outcome is both firm but fair. 

Alex is often seen sporting multiple items of Hatfield Stash, and most notably will wear her Hatfield flip-flops proudly in any weather! As a keen member of both Kinky Jeff and HCWRFC, she truly embodies the Hatfield Spirit and loves our College. Before coming to Hatfield, she attended Wycombe Abbey School & Wimbledon High School. She's full of stories from her days as a Wimbledon Ball Girl and her extensive Gap Yaah and can often be found at the Bar striking up conversations with Hatfielders of any year

V-P Welfare

Rachael Boyce

Rachael is your VP Welfare for this year, meaning she is here to lead Team Welfare with Stefan, the JCR Welfare Officer. She may only be pint sized, but more than makes up for her lack of height with a genuine care for all things Welfare. She is often seen rocking the double Welfare stash – Welfare jumper and Welfare pyjama bottoms. How Welflair.

Rachael holds confidential weekly drop in sessions that provide support for all your welfare needs, and there has even been talk of homemade baked goodies making an appearance. From a friendly chat to pregnancy tests and condoms, Rachael is your gal. Just ask her about her dental dam demonstrating skills.

Hailing from the Scientology capital of England (East Grinstead), Rachael attended Lingfield Notre Dame and Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School before joining Hatfield in September 2012. When she isn’t welfaring, Rachael can be seen working in Cellar Door (or just utilising the staff discount), recounting how the Lion in Winter Ball she was Treasurer for was the best one yet or waxing lyrical about the wonders of Hull. Yes, apparently there are some.

Rachael is looking forward to getting to know the new Freshers and will be on hand throughout the year for anyone who needs a bit of Welfare in their life.





Jamie Durham

Durham by name, Durham by nature. It is no coincidence that Jamie’s surname coincides with our very own University. Whether dishing out financial advice in the streets of Durham or purchasing equipment for our countless clubs and societies, our Treasure works tirelessly to prolong the financial security of our Common Room, ensuring that it’s the best that it can be. Jamie liaises with College Officers and the Executive Committee regularly to make the most out of our financial resources.

A tall, dark and handsome individual is integral to any well functioning team and Jamie’s witty and sarcastic insight is welcome in all Exec meetings. When he isn’t manipulating spreadsheets and processing payments, the typical tasks of any cashier, Jamie can be found dropping it low in Klute.

Jamie completed his GCSEs and A Levels at Tadcaster Grammar School, near York, before taking Durham by storm. He’s as friendly and welcoming as any Northerner and is very excited to be your JCR Treasurer for the next two terms.



Will Dunne

Will is the JCR Secretary, which means he is mostly in charge of the administrative dealings of the JCR. His reponsibilities include co-ordinating stash ("oh my god, stash is the oneeeeee" - Sophie Lorenz, May 2014), maintaining and updating the college website, then general running of formals, minuting all JCR and Exec meetings and writing the weekly JCR email. He joined Hatfield in 2012 from Wallington County Grammar School and is always on hand to explain what's so great about Croydon.

Don't let his cheeky smile or deep blue swimming pool eyes fool you though! When he's not handing out stash, signing you up for formal, minuting meetings, spending hours looking at websites or sending out JCR emails, he's shredding the steel drums or shoulders deep in a mess of boys on the rugby field.

Will is an ex-DUAU rep so when it comes to sport, he's aching to answer any questions you may have! The Hatfield spirit flows thick and deep through his veins and he's excited to share it with everyone.

JCR Welfare

Stefan Avanessian

Stefan is this year's JCR Welfare Officer (JWO). He works alongside Rachael Boyce (Vice President Welfare) to help you with your wellbeing throughout the year. He will also help run welfare campaigns each term that aim to tackle wider issues regarding welfare. University can be a stressful time, however Stefan is here to help you out when the going gets tough.

Stefan joined Hatfield in 2012 and is currently in his third year of his engineering degree. Before attending Durham he went to City of London School, if you should need some extra welfare love in the holidays he can still be found in the depths of Central London. His interests include Kinky Jeff, music, denim and fresher’s.

Stefan is the best in the business when it comes to dental dams and contraception so don’t be afraid to approach him with whatever welfare requirements you may need. He has welfare hours every week in the John Lindley room and he occasionally does surprise welfare trips for those of you fortunate enough to reside in B stairs.


Social Secretary

Sophie Lorenz

Originating from Essex, and proudly maintaining as many aspects to reflect this as humanly possible: the voice, the beach blonde hair, the tan (when the great barrier reef hasn't peeled out of it) and the boobs, Sophie attended Brightside Primary School, before being made Head Girl, and generally running the place at Mayflower High. It was during her time here that Sophie decided to pursue a degree in Geography. She made her way up North, crayons at the ready, prepared to learn all things rivers and rock formations. However, when Sophie arrived and discovered, to her horror, that Geography lectures were held at the Science site (a whole 10 minutes walk away) she decided Geography, her favourite A-level and lifelong passion, was no longer for her. She frantically searched online to find courses taught at Elvet Riverside (2 minutes away) and requested a change to Theology*. Her new found love for religion not only enables her to tell you everything there is to know about cremation (she can even design crematoriums for a small fee) but brings a whole new meaning to the question "what is liiiiifeeeeee?" 

If you asked Sophie to tell you three things about herself in first year, you would undoubtedly be graced with (put on heavy Essex accent) "Sophie, Bailey (house), Theology" and the somehow rhyming combo because a widespread and almost famous tagline around Hatfield for this year's Social Sec. Her other achievements whilst being a fresher included bagging herself a superstar DJ boyfriend who has recently been scouted for HCCFS 2015, making it to Budapest in the uni-wide charity competition 'Jailbreak', having the most shoes in Hatfield, and being both the founder of the point system and the reason for a certain fellow BH member needing his door repainted (scratchy scratchy). 

Continuing to prosper throughout her second year, Sophie's accolades have become slightly more profound and made her wholly worthy of her role on the Exec. Despite being so lazy that she gets the X1 free bus service for 1 stop to Dunelm House to avoid the 3 minute walk (some things never change) Sophie has not only been an avid member of the Hatfield Badminton and Rounders Squads and the Social Secretary of HCWAFC, but was also on the committee for Lion in Winter Ball, prepared and ran Freshers' Week, and singly handedly organised Hatfield Day 2014. 

In her spare time, you're most likely to find Sophie reading the Divergent series, watching Keeping Up the with Kardashians or Jeremy Kyle, eating a pot of double cream, taking selfies with meerkats at the zoo (according to the expert, Colchester is the zoo to go to and not London Zoo as it does not have the requisite animals) wearing stash, fantasising over Jamie Durham or putting blue and yellow ribbons in her hair)

*Please do not follow in Sophie's footsteps, this is not the generally done thing!


Senior DSU Rep

Daniel Cain-Reed

At Hatfield, there is a JCR, MCR, SCR and most importantly a DCR. Keen is not the word for this second year English Literature student from Woldgate COllege in Pocklington, York, who declared, after spending a mere few hours at Hatfield on his post-application Open Day, that Hatfield was his second home. 

Daniel is your Senior Students' Union Rep. His role is to represent the views of all Hatfield Students (including the MCR) to the Student Union and keep you all up to date with the going on in Dunelm House. There's never been such an exciting time to get involved with the Students' Union so come to Dan if you want to find out more, make a suggestion, or have a rant - it really is your Union. He's also recently been elected as Student Trustee making him an expert on all things representation, and able to answer any questions you may have about the Union, particularly regarding his rather dishy fellow trustees.

When he's not reading poetry or attending Assembly, Daniel can be found indulging in Durham's incredible nightlife. Whether it be pulling pints in Klute, throwing some incredible shapres in Loveshack, organising the decorations for Lion In Winter Ball or singing Britney in the bar, he's never far awy from the party. A true character and Hatfield BNOC, DCR really is the life and soul of the Exec. 


Livers’ Out Rep

Aimee Myhre

Your Livers Out Rep Aimee Myhre had her beginnings at Tiffin Girls' School and since joining Hatfield has been involved in everything she can be. The founder of Hatfield's rounders club, keen player of 'Bant'minton and ex-Vice-Captain for Hatfield Women's Football Club, Aimee is a great person to talk to about college sport. 

When she's not on the pitch, she is fulfilling her duties as the official Exec chauffeur, buddying up to any fresher she can find (just wait for your facebook add), and taking an inordinate amount of photos. Also catch her complaining about selling brunch tickets around college most weekends!

You will be able to identify the Exec's in house lawyer around college from her 'fresh creps' (her words), her endless snapback collection and her infatuation with a specific member of the catering team. You will often find her in the bar 'sinking pints', sneaking into the dining hall to try and grab a free dinner and dancing until the lights come on in Shack. Despte having once attempted to escape Durham by taking place in DUCK's jailbreak, Aimee is now firmly settled and prides herself on 'being good at living out' - her Simpson's Road Rage score can only advocate this. 

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time at A&E, and has become quite a BNOC around Durham University Hospital, famously losing her 2013 Hatfield Day to a broken foot as a result of a rogue water balloon. However, when not breaking bones, she enjoys being with her family on exotic holidays, where she loves practising synchronised swimming routines and performing shows on inflatables for n-expecting pool goers, where she was anointed with the name Aimee 'timid' Myhre for being anything but. 

If you have any questions about living out AImee will be more than happy to help (as long as it doesn't go above 3 emails per week)!


Patrick Fincham

Patrick is this year’s JCR Chair. He chairs all meetings of the JCR and the Exec, and bears the responsibility of ensuring that all discussion stays on topic, that everyone gets their say and that we’re not still there at 10pm… He also organises elections and collects manifestos for all JCR positions.

Before joining Hatfield in September 2013, Patrick attended Dulwich College and still resides in South London in close proximity to his ‘noodle’. His interests include festivals, kayaking, denim shirts and other such ‘flair garms’, as well as Dominos deals.

He looks forward to endless meetings and interviews in the coming year, as well as welcoming the new batch of freshers (particularly those he met on the open days) into Hatfield life. He is more than happy to answer any questions relating to the Standing Orders (the constitution of the JCR), the JCR itself and the wider life of the college. 

Hatfield College!




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