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April 30th


Hatfield A - 2 v 6 - Hatfield B

Last night saw what many had titled "The Biggest Derby in the Leagues history", and it would be a foolish man to disagree with that billing. The titans of the darting league duelled their tungsten in the citadel that is Hatfield Bar, and the men were sorted from the boys. With more thrilling pairings then you can shake a stick at, Hatfield A vs Hatfield B's was destined to be a night to remember.

First up to the oche was Shirley vs The Assassin. Despite the best efforts of the Scottish man The Assassin kept true to his name and won his two legs without much fuss. This was followed by a much nervier game between Legs and Sniper - Legs made excellent head way and whittled her way down the board at a good rate, winning the first leg. The second leg saw both players afflicted with dartitus and after a prolonged mad-off a bull-off was called, allowing Snipers greater accuracy to come through. That win gave him the confidence to win the third leg too.

Both Lairy and Love the League battled hard, but went down 1-2, which extends Lairy's losing run to 9 consecutive games. Unlucky perhaps?

The beer leg wasn't great for anyone but again saw the B team come away with the spoils, leaving the A's to trapse across to the bar and order the B's beverage of choice.

Despite much hope Two Hands went down 2-0 to some excellent darts from The Jedi, and even though Deputy picked up his third leg of the year he too went down 2-1. This left it down to the Toff to bring some pride back for the A's, expertly beating Nandos Ninja 2-0, much to everyones surprise. The final captains leg saw a distinct drop in the playing ability, with both players being slightly worse for wear. The Punisher ensured he didn't have to buy another bloody beer for a 7-1 drubbing by smashing The Criminal 2-0, leaving the (unimportant) overall score 6-2 to the B's.

February 25th

12:00Women's Rugby

Hatfield A - 0 v 22 - Collingwood A

Hatfield A’s were in high spirits ready to take on Collingwood, despite their brutal reputation, and were ready to ‘dominate, dominate, dominate’. Hatfield gained possession early, and some great tackles shown from Hatti Johnston and Laura Murison stopped Collingwood in their tracks. However they broke through our defensive line and scored within 7 minutes, conversion missed.  The first half continued to be a battle for Hatfield, however with some strong tackles and neat defending, they didn’t let Collingwood past.

At half-time the score was 5-0 yet Hatfield’s sprit was not broken as they continued to fight against the Collingwood scrums, a special mention to Rhi Williams for playing with injury, and to Ellie Whittles and Sophie Gordon for scrumming well and winning the ball although being kneed in the face! Despite the terrible scrums, Hatfield battled on but unfortunately Collingwood managed to wangle two more tries, one converted to bring the score to 17-0. After a suspected bruised rib from the captain, a few substitutions were made, yet even with fresh legs on the pitch Collingwood’s speedy winger, slipped through Hatfield’s lines again to score under the posts. A tough match at the end of the season for Hatfield but we put up a good fight against the Collingwood girls. One of the better scores of the season. Final score 22-0.

Woman of the Match: Becky Palmer. Playing a full game for the B’s and then making her debut for the A’s in the last 4 minutes after her sister limped off the pitch.

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