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Setting up a Club or Society

At Hatfield we have a vast range of Clubs and Societies that members of all years, and the MCR too, can get involved with.  If there is a hobby or sport that you wish to be involved in that does not currently exist in Hatfield, there there is the opportunity to start up a new Club/Society.

A proposal should be sent to the current Communities Officer by filling in this form and supplying any other necessary information about the proposed Club/Society.

After working with the Communities Officer in the first instance, the JCR Executive Committee will decide whether the proposed Club/Society should be ratified - and in the vast majority of cases this would be approved.

Only ratified Clubs can apply for financial support from the JCR Treasury Committee (with support from the Hatfield Trust) held within the first three weeks of each term.  Ratified clubs can also have their assets included on the JCR register (insured by the University as part of the DSO arrangement) and have a bank account created within the main JCR account.   

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