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Hatfield Music Society provides a huge range of musical activities that students can get involved in. Flute Choir is among many ensembles that are open to all, regardless of ability, and perform a huge repertoire of music! The university renowned Hatfield Chapel Choir, and Durham's premier college jazz band, Kinky Jeff and the Swingers, are also affiliated with this fantastically broad society. Students are also welcome to set up their own groups; in recent years Hatfield has boasted a saxophone quartet and a girls' choir.
A society being restarted this year is the Hatfield Non-Auditioned College Choir (NACC); a fun, dynamic choir open to all members of Hatfield. They aim to sing a huge range of repertoire, with everything from the UK top 40 to 90’s R&B classics and Broadway, and are always open to suggestions from our members as to what we should sing next! If you want to get involved with singing, whether you’ve never sung in a choir before or have sung in the National Youth Choir since age 13, then this is the choir for you! Please contact Rosie Jenkins for more details.
Hatfield holds a concert every term, in addition to a fresher's concert in Michaelmas term, and occasional lunchtime concerts, providing an opportunity for anyone wishing to perform as a soloist or as part of a group to get involved, and making Hatfield a great place to be for anyone interested in music. Our concert managers, Sam Arrowsmith and Shahnaz Ford, will advertise for players shortly before the concerts.  If you would like to play in our series of lunchtime concerts at any time, just email me.
With the generous help of the Samuel Galbraith Culley Stoker Composition Grants the society will help out members with buying sheet music, paying 50% of the costs up to £30 per member per year, up to a total of £185, which may be increased by the society later depending on demand; or 100% of the costs if the music is to be played in one of our concerts, again just email me for more information, or if you have a musical project which you would like help funding.
We have access to a wide range of equipment in college too, including a music practice room and store room, drum kit, double bass and grand piano. If you're musical, then Hatfield is the place to be!
Music Society President, David Sheard


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