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Nearly half of the JCR live out of college, though all have the option to live in college each year. Living out is a great for gaining that bit more independence, being able to eat exactly what you want and flouting the college regulations by having candles everywhere!

Wherever you live, you are still a member of the College and of the JCR - it takes much more than a 10 minute walk to stop that! As a member of the JCR, you can still access all the college facilities exactly as you did in when living in, and we would encourage you to do just that to make the very best of your time here. Staying in touch with college is also a great way of keeping contact with friends from other years or even as a hub for meeting others living out. 

Remember that the Livers'-Out Rep is there to help you keep links with college, to help you decide what you want from your first house in Durham, as well as guiding you through the process again if you decide to live out in your 3rd or 4th year.

If you have any issues at all, get in touch with your Livers'-Out Rep, Sara Nordboe-Pettersen.


The welfare system remains open in exactly the same way for those who live out as those in college. If you are having any sort of difficulties then please remember that there are a team of people who would love to listen, and help you through whatever it might be. You are always welcome to use the drop-in hours in college, but if that's not convenient because of living out there are other ways to get in touch too.

The Livers'-Out Welfare Rep's role is to make sure that you guys have access to all the usual welfare supplies and services. They run Skype drop-in hours to make it a bit easier to catch them, can deliver supplies to your house (chocolate eggs during Easter was a personal fave) and are always open to you dropping them an email to arrange a catch-up. 


Each formal has a certain number of seats reserved for Livers Out–check the weekly LO email for the sign up time, and follow this link to sign up and pay online.

There are also Livers' Out Formals throughout the year, which serve as a chance to rediscover those people you shared a corridor with in first year, but maybe don't see as much now that they're living at the other end of Hawthorn. We aim to fill the entire formal with Livers Out, so keep an eye on LO emails and save the date!
As the highlight of every first year's weekend, Livers Out are welcomed back in to college to attend Hatfield Brunch. ALthough all members of the JCR are welcome to come back for any meal, any time, through the LO budget we provide several subsidised brunches that occur in conjunction with particularly big social events such as LIWB and Hatfield Day, when mustering the energy to cook for yourself afterwards is simply not an option! Listen our for details in your weekly emails.
Useful Information
If you missed out on collecting your LO brochures, get in touch with Sara for an electronic version. 
There is one for first year students picking their houses and one for 2nd/3rd/4th years who are living out
Livers Abroad 
For those lucky Hatfielders sunning themselves (in between a bit of studying) in various worldwide locations, don't forget you are still part of the JCR and still represented by your LO rep! You may be living in Sydney rather than Gilesgate, but don't forget to keep in touch with any updates or concerns you may have. The Livers Abroad Facebook Page aims to facilitate simply and eficient communication between all studnets who are abroad, enavling you to see which other Hatfielders are in similar locations, and what fun stories they may have!
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