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The JCR is run democratically under its standing orders, and usuallly meets twice per term in the bar annexe to receive reports from officers, vote on motions and socialise as a group. Motions must be submitted to the JCR Chair at least 5 days prior to an Ordinary General Meeting and in accordance with these guidelines. JCR members are strongly encouraged to attend JCR meetings in order to keep up with college life and voice any concerns. We appreciate that the meetings can be a bit dry, so the Chair is responsible for keeping discussions moving and throwing in some games to get us through the worst of it. 


Executive Committee

The day-to-day activities of the JCR are overseen by the Executive Committee (Exec), made up of ten members elected in Epiphany term. In addition to their individual roles, they are colelctivley responsible for representing the views of the JCR to the college and university and working to improve college life. Please feel free to get in touch with any of them if you have concerns or suggestions! The Exec Room is located on the ground floor of C Stairs next to the John Lindley Room-you are more than welcome to stop by for a chat if you see them working in college.


Senior Man | Brandon Roberts | hatfield.seniorman@durham.ac.uk

Vice President (Discipline) | Ben Bloom| hatfield.jcrdiscipline@durham.ac.uk

JCR Treasurer | Matteo Bertacca | hatfield.jcrtreasurer@durham.ac.uk

Welfare Officer | Brogan Harman | hatfield.jcrwelfare@durham.ac.uk

Communities Officer | Meghan Hosch | hatfield.jcrcommunities@durham.ac.uk

JCR Secretary | Emma Price | hatfield.jcrsecretary@durham.ac.uk

Social Secretary | George Davies | hatfield.jcrsocial@durham.ac.uk

Livers-Out Representative | Hamza Rafique | hatfield.jcrliversout@durham.ac.uk

Facilities Officer | Alok Kumar | hatfield.jcrfacilities@durham.ac.uk

JCR Chair | Lara Hey | hatfield.jcrchair@durham.ac.uk


Exec Manifestos 2016-17


Lara Hey

Facilities Officer:

Alok Kumar

Livers Out Representative:

Hamza Rafique

Social Secretary:

George Davies

Susannah Slevin


Gaspard de Kervenoael

Emma Price

Communities Officer:

Megan Hosch

Welfare Officer:

Abbie Cole

Brogan Harman


Matteo Bertacca

Fabian Krusa

Vice President (Discipline):

Ben Bloom

Felicity Juckes

Senior Man:

Brandon Roberts


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