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Hatfield DUCK co-ordinates the fundraising and charity events across college throughout the year. We're also part of the University wide DUCK, so we can help you get involved with charity on a college or much wider level.

Within Hatfield we run a wide variety of events throughout the year. These include the Summer Fair, Mr & Mrs Hatfield, Hatfield's Got Talent and, everyone's favourite, Jazz & Cocktails. We also run a toastie bar, organise quizzes and much more! 

In February of each year we organise DUCK Week. DUCK Week is run by our Freshers, providing them with a fantastic opportunity to get involved with both DUCK and college life.

A bit like Hatfield's 'Be the Best You Can Be', Hatfield DUCK's motto is 'Get Involved!'. Whether you want to plot charity world domination, run an event, sell tickets, go on a Rag Raid and shake your bucket at people, or just buy one of our Donuts, toasties or cocktails, everyone can be part of Hatfield DUCK, raising money for a variety of causes both at home and abroad.

Hatfield’s Senior DUCK Reps are Jenna Graham and Alexandra Organ-Voas. For more information about central DUCK visit our website.

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