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As a college, Hatfield consists of three separate Common Rooms. All undergraduate students are members of the Junior Common Room (the JCR), which is by far the most numerous group in the college community. However, there are also a thriving Middle and Senior Common Room.


The Junior Common Room is the 'beating heart' of Hatfield College, with around 750 members. As a member of the JCR, you are entitled to play for numerous (and immensely successful) clubs, join societies within the JCR and run for a number of Executive and Non-Executive positions. In addition, the JCR provides extensive welfare services and puts on events throughout the year. Membership is automatic upon payment of a one-time levy at the begnning of first year.

Due to the breadth of the JCR's activities, most members tend to be actively involved in one way or another, and there is no shortage of college pride in Hatfield. The JCR is democratically run under its standing orders and usually meets twice per term in the bar annexe to receive reports from officers, vote on motions, and socialise as a group. The day-to-day activities of the JCR are run by the Executive Committee, whoe individual responsibilities range from planning formals and Hatfield Day to representing students at college disciplinaries.


The Middle Common Room is made up of all Hatfield postgraduate students, manyof whom were undergraduates at Hatfield before continuing their studies. MCR members keep the college community well balanced and often pass on their expertise and academic experience to the JCR through presenting research and mentoring, especially useful for those within the JCR who are thinking of continuing their study to Masters or Doctorate level. In addition, the MCR extends honorary membership to Mature Students within the JCR who wish to take part in their social activities.

More informaiton about the MCR can be found here.


The SCR is made up of the college officers, fellows, mentors and associated members of the local community. Each undergraduate has a non-academic college mentor, who provides additional pastoral support for the duration of the student's time in Durham. This ensures you are doing as well as possible whilst you are here, and also that you are set up well for whatever you choose to go into after your undergraduate degree at Durham.

More information about the SCR can be found here

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