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At Hatfield, you never walk alone. In addition to the peer support on offer, there are others in college that are available to help with whatever you need.

A great starting point is to make an appointment to see Dr Anthony Bash, our Senior Tutor . Anthony  has a wealth of experience with students and cares about each individual Hatfield student and their wellbeing. Alternatively, Dr Eleanor Spencer-Regan (Assistant Senior Tutor) is also actively involved in providing fantastic student support and would be happy to talk to you about any issue arising during your time at Hatfield.

You are also lucky enough to have been assigned a college mentor when you arrived at Hatfield and you can approach them again about any concerns; they don’t have to be academic.

Your college family are also very useful for the little things that most students come up against such as choosing where is best to live in second year, or which books are most helpful for a module. They signed up to have you as children, so they are always very enthusiastic to get to know you.

Anthony Bash is also our College Chaplain .On top of faith-based support, Anthony is also the college postgraduate tutor and can help you out with finances if you are having difficulties budgeting or meeting your college bill on time.

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