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A Day in the Life – Hatfield Nepal Project

This post has been written by Ellie Hattersley who is currently on the Hatfield Nepal Project. Read more about it on her blog: bohemiance.com.


10622856_692958730774545_4795459750486548466_n05.25: Between 2 and 4 alarms ring. Time for yoga.

05.26: Between 2 and 4 alarms are snoozed or switched off. Yoga can wait until tomorrow. I set my alarm again for a couple of hours later, thinking I may as well get some lesson planning in before breakfast.

07.00: Alarm number two goes off. I weigh up the pros and cons of getting up vs rolling over and going back to sleep, swiftly deciding in favour of remaining in my little protective mosquito-net bubble.

08.00: Final alarm goes off. I groggily emerge from beneath the net, try and flatten my hair into something vaguely acceptable (we haven’t quite figured out the water schedule yet, but it seems mostly to be off in the mornings, so showers are an evening affair), and get dressed. We’ve just got our new clothes back from the tailors, so dressing is now quite an exciting affair, all baggy salwar trousers and beautifully printed kurtas.

08.15-08.45: Breakfast. One of my favourite times of day (along with lunch time and dinner time). We always get toast and tea, along with various spreads of excessively high sugar content, and at least one other new and interesting thing. So far to supplement our breakfast we’ve had noodles, spicy chickpeas, the ever-present dal, and some kind of savoury rice krispy-like dish. It is very enjoyable. We also seized the chance to buy luxuries like peanut butter at the big supermarket when we went, so breakfast is generally a very exciting time.

Open Days Part 3 by Joanna Walker

Open days began on a snowy Monday morning after a weekend of preparation, in which college songs were learnt (it seems post-formal isn’t the best way of picking up the words?), and banners created. The banner creation was greatly aided by the discovery not only of hidden artistic talents, but also a large tub of gold glitter that found its way onto many of the canvases- as usual giving Hatfield the most flair decorations on the Bailey.

Lion in Winter Weekend by Caroline McGrath

Lion in Winter Weekend 2013
An important Hatfield College tradition dictates that the seventh weekend of Epiphany Term is
always a decadent one, with the Lion in Winter ball and charity fashion show taking place. As
a busy term nears its conclusion and summative season looms, it is crucial that the weekend is
a good one.

2013 was certainly no exception.

Open Days Part 2 by Kate Taylor

End of Epiphany term brought the start of the Open Days 2013. Over the weekend we prepared for the days ahead with team bonding, Six Nations and banner making (or in the words of Satts, “Duncan Bannertime”).

Having blue and yellow-ed up both college and Open day reps, we were excited to welcome the applicants through the snowy Hatfield gates with pots, pans and the megaphone. Equally noisily came a first experience of formal for the applicants; Spooning, Chach’s joke and rules on standing up went down with varying popularity, but overall this major part of college life demonstrated our traditions well and seemed to be very much enjoyed!